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Best Album Cuts Compilation Challenge (B.A.C.C.)

If you’re a member of the T.R.O.Y. forum then it’s impossible for you not to have known about our little Best Album Cut Compilation Challenge. We narrowed it down to 16 finalists and for the next few days we’ll be posting their mixes, along with some of the other contestants who didn’t make the cut. We strongly encourage you to check out all the options and then vote for your favorite mix. You don’t have to be registered to the forum in order to vote. –Philaflava

Best Album Cuts Compilation Challenge (B.A.C.C.)

01 (3:31) Masta Ace Incorporated – Crazy Drunken Style (New York 1993)
02 (3:32) Threat – Bust One Fa Me (Los Angeles 1993)
03 (4:36) Aceyalone – Tweakends (Los Angeles 1994)
04 (5:24) Ill Biskits – Recognize (Virginia 1996)
05 (4:52) Kokane – From The Funk To The Back (Los Angeles 1994)
06 (4:51) E.R.C. – Knock’n Your Brains Out (Pt. 1) (New Orleans 1994)
07 (2:29) Stranga – The Real Saga (Detroit 1994)
08 (4:50) Most Ill Crew – Hard Rock (Ohio 1995)
09 (4:31) Schooly D – Reservoir Dog (Philadelphia 1995)
10 (3:47) Sleestack’z – Wealth & Real Estate (Atlanta 1996)
11 (2:45) Walkin’ Large – From Around (Germany 1995)
12 (5:09) Da Basement Society – 24th Street (Nebraska 1994)
13 (3:29) Figure Uv Speech – HardCore Funk (Chicago 1993)
14 (3:50) Street Poets – Buggin (Boston 1995)
15 (4:14) Jazzie Redd – The Witch Hates Music (Intro) “The Colors of Jazz” (Tx-Co 1995)

Mark 563
01. Akinyele – I Luh Her (From Vagina Diner 1993)
02. Big Daddy Kane – Come On Down Feat. Q-Tip & Busta Rhymes (From Prince Of Darkness 1991)
03. Fat Joe – Shorty Gotta Fat Ass (From Represent 1993)
04. Keith Murray – Rhymin’ Wit Kel Feat. Kel Vicious (From Enigma 1996)
05. Bush Babees – Wax (From Gravity 1996)
06. Real Live – The Gimmicks (From The Turnaround 1996)
07. Redman – Green Island (From Dare Iz A Darkside 1994)
08. Mobb Deep – Up North Trip (From The Infamous 1995)
09. Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Skinz Feat. Grand Puba (From Mecca & The Soul Brother 1992)
10. Intelligent Hoodlum – Underground (From Tragedy – Saga Of A Hoodlum 1993)
11. Kurious – Top Notch (From A Constipated Monkey 1994)
12. King Tee – Advertisment (From King Tee IV Life 1994)
13. Ill Al Skratch – Summertime (It’s All Good) (Al’s Solo) (From Creep Wit’ Me 1994)
14. Kool G Rap & DJ Polo – Money in The Bank Feat. Ant Live, Freddie Foxxx & Large Professor (From Wanted: Dead Or Alive 1990)
15. Gravediggaz – Pass The Shovel (From the UK version of album release Niggamortis 1994)

Step One
1 – Willie D ft Harvey Love, Klondike Kat, Icy Hott & Racer X ‘Pass Da Piote’ (off ‘Goin Out Like A Soldier’ Rap A Lot 1992)
2 – 2Pac ‘Representing 93’ (off ‘Strictly 4 My Niggaz’ Interscope 1993)
3 – Outkast ‘Claimin True’ (off ‘Southernplayalistic..’ LaFace 1994)
4 – Big Mike ‘Smoke Em And Choke Em’ (off ‘Somethin Serious’ Rap A Lot 1995)
5 – Warren G ft The Twinz ‘Recognize’ (off ‘Regulate’ Def Jam 1994)
6 – Da Lench Mob ‘Ankle Blues’ (off ‘Guerillas In The Mist’ East West 1992)
7 – Kam ‘Neva Again’ (off ‘Neva Again’ East West 1993)
8 – Thug Life ‘Street Fame’ (off ‘Volume 1’ Interscope 1994)
9 – Ice Cube ‘When Will They Shoot’ (off ‘The Predator’ Priority 1992)
10 – Geto Boys ‘Raise Up’ (off ‘Til Death Do Us Part’ Rap A Lot 1993)

1 – Jamal – The Game (1995)
2 – 5 Elementz – Bumpin Sumtin (1995)
3 – Artifacts – Who´s This? (1997)
4 – Jedi Mind Tricks – The Immaculate Conception (1997)
5 – Funky DL – If I Had A Day to Live (1997)
6 – Main Source – Set it off (1994)
7 – Bee Why – Come Up (1997)
8 – O.G.C. – Gunn Clapp (1996)
9 – The Nobodies – Greatest MC (1997)
10 – Dream Warriors – Tricycles and Kittens (1994)
11 – Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs – I´m Laughing (1993)
12 – Showbiz & AG – Time For (1994)
13 – The Cenobites – How the Fuck You Get A Deal (1993)

Remember EACH day we’ll be posting more and more mixes. You can grab them all now by going to the poll. All these people put in work on their mixes so please let them know what you think.

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Most Underrated Rapper of All-Time (Round 3)

Who will survive the sweet sixteen? Tragedy Khadafi vs. Chubb Rock? Casual vs. King-Tee? MC Ren vs. Aceyalone? Breeze Brewin vs. Godfather Don? Your vote counts! –Philaflava

Download New Bracket

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Touring The States: Orlando, FL

In a short lines, Snoop Dogg diss.
I thought this might be interesting to most of us, so finally i found this a month ago and decided to share it. This came out on Boomin’ Records.
Don’t know if you’ll find more amusement in this one rather than Disneyland but still..

Sheep Doggy DoggDoggystyle Funk (1994)

a1. I Wanna Get High
a2. We Don’t Love Dem Hoes
a3. Child Support Blues
a4. Dear Bitch
a5. Gangsta Groove
a6. House Niggas
a7. Fuck Snoop Dogg

b1. Tangueray
b2. Deep Money
b3. Get A Job Bitch
b4. Don’t Ask Me 4 Shit
b5. It’s Like This
b6. Give A Dog A Bone



— Markshot
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Pete Rock & Bumpy Knuckles 1/16/10


The Soul Brother #1 Pete Rock just rocked over at Bumpy Knucles‘s ustream Krup Mob Radio. Not only was this a great show but at the end, Foxxx hooked up the SP-1200 that Pete Rock used to produce on 2000’s classic Industry Shakedown and he performed it live! I’m glad that I was watching it and that it was being recorded!
— Thomas V
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Philaflava’s Most Underrated Rapper of All-Time (Round 2)

If you haven’t voted what are you waiting for? You could be the deciding factor in whether or not Trugoy or Chubb Rock advances to the next round. Young Zee vs. Godfather Don? MC Ren vs. Saafir? Casual vs. Boots Riley? You make the call. Round 2 ends Sunday 12 AM EST. –Philaflava

Vote now!
* you don’t have to registered to vote
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Touring The States: Chicago, IL

Why or does this guy have full length album?
At first I thought this is familiar to me, but after I realized it’s not at all.
I couldn’t find out any info about Deuce.
Let’s hope Kevin Beacham will come through with some knowledge.

DeuceMy Neighborhood (1995)

01. My Neighborhood (Radio Edit)
02. My Neighborhood (Instrumental)

03. Hype Dawg Remix

04. Wha Cha Gonna Do



— Markshot
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Step One “Illegal Remixes Vol. 1” (2010)

It appears that good things can happen when the UK gets blasted with the heaviest snow in 100 years. With the country coming to a complete halt, forum regular Step One had time to put together this sweet compilation of bootleg remixes and blends. Show some appreciation by leaving a comment (or a link to another remix) and he might bless us with volume 2.

Step One says “A staple of any nineties Hip Hop DJ’s collection is the shady white label remix. Information on whoever was putting these out was usually pretty thin on the ground for obvious reasons but they often held some real gems. Having rediscovered some of these recently I’ve put together a collection of some of those unofficial remixes as well as a few that I’ve found on the blogs and forums over the last few years.”

01 2Pac-Old School (B.Cause Remix)
Usually the non-Pac fans favourite Pac track. B Cause throws some familiar samples under Pac’s reminiscing of 80s NY and gives it a nice funky vibe.

02 Big Daddy Kane-Set It Off (Daily Diggers Remix)
Some of you might recognise this from DJ Mike Nice’s ‘Brooklyn Bullshit’ mixtape. The UK’s Daily Diggers flip the Cold Chillin classic.

03 Big Pun & Fat Joe-Twinz (Brooklyn Untouched Remix)
This remix discards the original ‘Deep Cover’ beat and replaces it with another Dre & Snoop collabo, ‘The Next Episode’. Always goes down well in a club set.

04 Common-I Used To Love Her (Sir Charles Flavour Remix)
Common gets a G-Funk makeover as his vocals are dropped over Warren G’s ‘Nobody Does It Better’.

05 D&D All-Stars-1,2 Pass It (Bootleg Remix)
A DJ Fashion remix? All signs point to yes.

06 Erick Sermon-Bomdigi (Street Jam Bootleg Remix)
The beat from En Vogue’s ‘Hold On’ gives this E Double solo joint some extra bump.

07 Fat Joe & Doo Wop-Boriquas On The Set (DJ Dough & Porge One Remix)
The UK’s Dough & Porge One always had some special remixes on their CDs. This one is taken from their ‘Heads Aint Ready’ mix which is well worth seeking out.

08 Method Man & Redman-How High (Bootleg Remix)
The acapella of this track was definitely a favourite amongst producers, probably due to the amount of quotable lines from Red & Meth at their peak. This version uses the ‘Human Nature’ melody over EPMD’s ‘You’re A Customer’ beat.

09 Mobb Deep-Hell On Earth (Paul Miles Remix)
Another UK remix, this time by Birmingham DJ Paul Miles (aka Pat Bateman).

10 Nas-It Aint Hard To Tell (DJ Day Remix)
http://likeathrottle.blogspot.com/ (this also came out on vinyl)
This track has been remixed to death but this has to be the best of the unofficial ones. Quality production from DJ Day out of California.

11 The Pharcyde-Passin Me By (WAR! [What-A-Remix])
A Jazzy Jim remix.

12 Tim Dog & KRS-One-I Get Wrecked (Gamm/Samoo Remix)
I don’t have any info on this one but I’m pretty sure I copped it at B.Cause’s blog.

13 Uptown-Dope On Plastic (B.Cause Why Zee Refix)
Uptown meets YZ.



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Cappadonna & Drastic Measures “Taking Drastic Measures” (1996)

“1996. Beware of bio chips.” Thanks for the advice Cappachino. Another dusty gem from my never ending Wu obsession. There’s always been something about this track I’ve enjoyed… maybe it’s the lazy, slow, Park Hill flow?

From the picture sleeve (that mine didn’t come in): “It’s Cappadonna. He ripped it on ‘Ice Water’ and ‘Ice Cream’ from Raekwon’s Only Built For Cuban Linx (Gold LP). He kicked it with Wu-Tang’s Ghost Face Killer, Masta Killer, Raekwon and U-God on the Don’t Be A Menace Soundtrack cut ‘Winter Warz.’ Also his cut ‘If It’s Alright With You’ featuring U-God was featured on The Great White Hype Soundtrack. Now Cappadonna aka Cappachino is taking drastic measures.”

Scans of side a, side b and the jacket sticker are included in the download.

01 Cappadonna & Drastic Measures-Taking Drastic Measures
02 Cappadonna & Drastic Measures-Taking Drastic Measures (Instrumental)
03 Cappadonna & Drastic Measures-Taking Drastic Measures (Cyphamix)
04 Cappadonna & Drastic Measures-Taking Drastic Measures (Cyphamix Instrumental)
05 Drastic Measures-Ain’t That What’s Her Name?



Editors Note (Philaflava): Drastic Measures was actually Lork LaRock and Wizone if I recall. It was their record but since Cappa was the main draw they marketed the single as if it was Cappas. I was never a big fan of this but that has nothing to do with Cappa. I definitely recommend anyone checking this out who hasn’t already.

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Def Squad "Breaker 1, Breaker 2" Uncensored

The folks at the T.R.O.Y. Forum are an industrious and proactive bunch. Recently contributor TheWool related that he was always annoyed by how the only available version of Def Squad “Breaker 1, Breaker 2” was marred by instances of editing, in this case reversed curses. Rather than sulk, he got up and did something about it, and through the magic of re-editing the world now has an uncensored version.

I’m a real fan of the Def Sqaud from around 1996. E-Doubles’ production was on that fuzzy funk tip. This track was one of my faves but I could never find it un-edited, and all the best lines were ruined by the cuts.
RedmanYou wanna get jig-da-fied, what it all means? Fuck Versace, I tote glocks in the Karl jeans…”
Keith Murray “How many ways can I say i just don’t give a fuck…”


The curses were reversed including the beats, so they had to be re-reversed to put them right. This has to be done pretty exact (beyond the ms) and can be a long painful process especially with percussion involved, otherwise there is an audible pop on the transition.

Enjoy! — Thun

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